What are the benefits of Permanent Makeup


Image of woman showing the benefits of permanent makeup

Most women wear makeup every day. Did you know that on average most women spend almost an hour getting ready every morning!

It’s not surprising really but what if I could tell you that there is a way to save time and effort with permanent makeup. At Lisa Young Permanent make up I offer a range of long-lasting permanent makeup treatments to help you look your best every day.




One of my most popular permanent make up treatments is eyebrows. This intricate technique uses a very precise needle or even a group of needles combined with the highest quality pigments, to create the illusion of individual eyebrow hairs. Permanent make up when microblading eyebrows, uses a pigment that is specially selected to compliment your natural hair colour and skin colouring to fill in gaps in sparse brows, add thickness, as well as add definition to your eyebrows. So goodbye to your eyebrow pencil and hello perfect brows every day. I offer permanent eyebrow treatments as digital permanent make up as well as microblading according to your needs and your skin type.




I also offer permanent lip liner, permanent lip line and blush. These not only add definition but can help make your lips appear fuller and  more even, particularly if you have a thinner or uneven lip. My permanent lipstick gives the effect of colour without lipstick, which warms the complexion and creates definition to your lips. Create a little shine with a natural lip balm or lip gloss and you can still wear makeup on top of permanent lip make up to change your look.



The Benefits of Permanent makeup offers the following:

  • Saves you time from your makeup routine.
  • Helps to boost your confidence.
  • Makes your features look more defined and symmetrical.
  • A brow treatment can naturally lift the brow and create youthfulness.



So if you are interested in my permanent makeup treatments or would like to book your free consultation, please give me a call today on 07718 453 269 contact me today and take your 1st step towards a new beautifully defined you.