COVID-19, Keeping You Safe – The New Normal at Studio 8 Beauty


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So what can you now expect when visiting Studio 8 Beauty salon in Portsmouth.

Life with COVID-19 means that we have all had to adapt, evolve & overcome with the “New Normal”. So we want to share what we are doing to keep everyone safe in this new world.

Firstly, you can be assured that the whole Studio 8 Beauty salon team are up-to-date on all social distancing and hygiene requirements when you are attending your long-awaited beauty appointments. As you can imagine, these guidelines are regularly updated by the Government, so we also have to update our procedures at the same time.



Examples of these rules & requirements (at the date of writing this article) are:


All Treatments available on the face and body

Yes, at last, we can do any treatments; however, there may be some adaption to keep you extra safe. For example:

  • Your mask can be removed for a back massage.
  • Lash treatments will be carried out with a mask on. We will tape the top of the mask to prevent hot air affecting the treatment results or drying time.
  • Masks are removed for a facial, but the therapist will always work from behind or the side

For all treatments, our staff will wear PPE including mask and visor OR mask and safety goggles or glasses.



Food & Drink

Hot or cold drinks can be served in disposable cups or bottles. Food is NOT permitted to be consumed in any hair salon beauty salon or barbershop. Clients can remove their face mask to take sips of their drink. Sorry, the luxury biscuits will be on hold a while longer.



Track & Trace

The NHS Track & Trace or a record of every client’s visit will be mandatory for all businesses from 18th September 2020. On entering the salon please:

1.) Scan the track & trace


2.) Complete the COVID-19 declaration.



So, what is the “New Norm” at Studio 8 Beauty ?

You can still expect the same fantastic service from your Studio 8 Beauty therapist, but you will see fewer other clients when you arrive at the salon. Our team are working smart rotas so they can socially distance clients. We have invested in PPE shields & barriers for our team as well as making a safe one-way flow layout and procedure changes in the salon.

Most of our treatments are carried out in treatment rooms, and we operate a strict clean down regime. This includes room fogging (similar as used in dentists and operating theatres) for more efficient cleaning between clients.

Our team will be wearing masks, visors or safety goggles (and aprons & gloves where appropriate) during treatments.

Our team have been asked not to attend work & to self-isolate if they or anyone in their household show symptoms of Coronavirus . In the same way, we kindly ask that any clients experiencing cold-like or Coronavirus symptoms must stay at home and contact us to reschedule their appointments whilst awaiting test results.

We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy as standard, however when COVID-19 related, late cancellation fees will be waived. When COVID-19 related, we will be unable to accept your booking for ten days unless you can supply a negative COVID-19 test result.

In line with current legislation, all clients must wear a mask when visiting the salon. This protects both other clients and staff. If you forget we have free masks at the desk



Appointment Booking FAQs

  • Sorry but no walk-in appointments will be permitted. All appointments must be booked in advance. We may contact you for a consultation over the phone beforehand or send consultation forms out in advance to minimise your time spent in the salon.
  • Please minimise any personal belongings that you bring to the salon.
  • If you arrive early for your appointment, please be aware that clients will not be able to wait inside the salon; therefore, you may be asked to wait outside or in your car or return to the salon at your scheduled appointment time.
  • Please do not bring others to your appointment, including small children, as we need to ensure social distancing and minimise the number of clients and staff in the salon at any given time. Children under 14 cannot be permitted.



Touchless contacts throughout the Salon

  • We are trying smarter ways to manage touchpoints & flows throughout the salon.
  • We will text or call you if we are running late; this will allow us to maintain social distancing.
  • We will send any required consultation forms out in advance so you can complete on your phone or own tablets at home. We can also offer virtual consultations for skin care and treatments on request.



Our NEW Skincare Product Service

We are pleased to announce the arrival of AlumierMD Clinical medical skincare products that can be purchased via our Studio 8 Beauty dedicated portal. Why not book a virtual skincare consultation and receive your complimentary product prescription. After your consultation, you will receive a unique link to our portal to view & purchase any products you may wish to purchase which can be shipped directly to you.




Please pay by card where possible. Apple pay and Google pay do not have a limit, and we also have a contactless card limit of £45.

Even better, our new book & pay system allows you to store a card securely so you can even check out yourself as you leave the salon.



Our new Studio 8 beauty Book & Pay App allows a host of smart functionality included automated appointment check-in and touchless payments according to your preference. (More details to follow)



What Your COVID-19 safe Service Will Look Like …

  • All treatments are available on the face & body.
  • It is kindly requested that you arrive with a mask on so you are compliant with current legislation on face coverings. You will be guided when you can remove your mask for specific treatments.
  • Your therapist will be waiting for you on arrival and will take you straight through to the treatment room or pedicure or manicure area. (All workstations have been socially distanced).
  • Limited beverages will be available in disposable cups. Magazines have been replaced with digital magazines. Please feel free to join our safe network and download the latest magazines to your tablet or smartphone.
  • If you do not have a mask, don’t panic, we will give you one of ours.
  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival. Hand sanitiser stations are available throughout the salon.
  • We are using disposable & environmentally friendly towels & any traditional towels used to create extra comfort are washed after every client.
  • Treatment rooms and work stations are sanitised and “fogged” between clients. Extra clean up time is allowed on each appointment to accommodate a deep clean as well as to maintain social distancing between clients.
  • Toilet facilities have new disposable paper towels and toilet paper dispensers.
  • All tools are always sterilised between each client.


As you will see by our lovely reviews, many clients have been back and are enjoying their regular services again in the knowledge that we operate a safe and clean environment.


We look forward to seeing you all soon

The Studio 8 Beauty Team xx