Bright Radiant Eyes


by Jaime Godfrey

Senior Therapist


In my role, as a therapist, I have seen many client over the years that have asked why do they suffer from dark circles under their eyes. Often they find the skin looks dark & dull, making them look tired even after a good nights sleep and despite drinking plenty of water.

Read on whilst I shed some light on the biological and environmental factors to consider that will affect the delicate skin around the eyes.



The skin around our eyes

The skin around our eyes is naturally up-to ten times thinner and more delicate than any other part of the body and especially on the face (except the lips of course).

This means the veins and capillaries in this area are much more visible. As we age the capillary walls start to get thinner and leak lymphatic fluid. This is the brownie yellow colour that you see underneath your eyes.

Another factor to consider is that the skin around the eyes is directly attached to the muscle. This means that every time you move your face, or make an expression the muscles are moving the skin around the eye. This results in fine lines wrinkles and fatigued looking skin.

There are a few ways to help your skin deal with this:

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    • Plenty of water.
    • Plenty of rest.
    • Topical hydration of the skin.
    • Topical exfoliation of the skin.
    • Protection of the skin using spf.
    • Deep feeding the skin either overnight or during facials.
    • Facial massage using hands or tools such as gua sha or skin rollers.
    • Not neglecting your eyes for example going to bed with mascara on can lead to infection and irritation.



What ingredients are good for dark circles?

There are many ingredients in skincare that claim to be beneficial to the eyes


The ingredients you need to look for in brightening the eyes are:


Vitamin C

This helps to protect the skin from UV rays and is a strong anti-oxidant which helps with defending the skin from environmental factors such as pollution.


Vitamin E

Helps to support the skins immune system as well as cell function and general skin health it is also an anti-oxidant protecting the skin from pollution.


Vitamin A

Also known as Retinol. Retinol boosts the skins natural renewal system speeding up skin cell metabolism (or the speed that skin cells renew) therefore smoothing fine lines and restoring texture.

You may see this listed as retinyl palmitate, the original form of retinol which is 20% less effective than retinol which makes it perfect for use on more sensitive skin or dryer more reactive skin types.


Niacinamide Vitamin b3

Strengthens blood vessels to prevent fluid build-up and collagen breakdown as well as helping to reduce enlarged pores.


Pro vitamin b5

Pro vitamin b5 is an anti-ageing effect smoothing fine lines


Green tea & chia seed

These are strong natural anti-oxidants, which help your skin fight of pollution.


Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is an AHA which helps resurface and smooth the skin as well as provide hydration to leave the skin brighter.



Arnica is a great ingredient to de-puff the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory.


Titanium dioxide & Mica to create radiance to the skin

Some eye products contain titanium dioxide which is a form of sun protection factor and ingredients such a mica, a reflective mineral which reflects light improving the skins radiance.


Professional Treatments

There are also many ways to include the eyes during professional treatments:

    • Swedish massage & facial massage will provide needed lymphatic drainage.
    • Asking your therapists to add an eye brightener treatment to your Dermalogica ProSkin60 Facial.
    • Micro current treatments such as the CACI eye lift to to lift & firm as well as reduce puffiness.
    • Skin peels designed for use around the eyes such as Mesoesthetic Global Eyecon. This treatment includes an orbital (around the eye area) skin peel and is combined with digital microneedling. This treatment is specially designed for the delicate eye area and is delivered as a 6 week course of alternating peels and skin needling treatments and gets amazing results.


We have an extensive range of eye targeted treatments available in salon as well as at home care products in our retail area so why not book in a skin consultation or lovely treatment and find out which products and treatments can help to restore your eyes.


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