Do you have old or unwanted Permanent Make up ?


by Lisa Young – PMU



How to remove and perfect unwanted permanent make up


Image of Botched Ink for unwanted permanent make up


Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing (as it is often referred to) has been around for many decades. The result is that some old and previous permanent makeup can look faded and dated or even dark and harsh.

Here are a few ideas on why permanent make up removal may be needed:




Permanent make up has evolved

Over the years the permanent make up industry has evolved rapidly and some pigments and techniques have become old fashioned and out dated. There are new better techniques, pigments and innovations in the industry that give you even more choice.



Fed up with your permanent make up or didn’t get quite what you wanted ?

Some clients may even had a bad experience and didn’t quite get what they wanted or maybe want something different now. Let’s face it, what looked good 10 or 20 years ago may not be the look now.



Your permanent make up won’t take anymore !

Is this you ?

Did you know that you cannot keep topping up permanent make up as the skin will eventually not accept any more pigment. This means a removal is the only solution. You may not even need a full removal to correct colour or lift out saturated pigment to give you more options to perfect your colour & look.



Who can permanent make up removal be used for?

If you have:

    • less than perfect permanent make up or microblading
    • need removal for a change of look
    • have over saturated permanent make up that won’t take any more colour
    • lip liner outside the natural outline of your lips
    • blue, green orange or pink permanent make up

I can help you by doing either a full removal or fading the pigment enough to re-do your make up.



How does Botched ink work ?

I use a specially formulated solution to remove old pigment gently and effectively. The product is called Botched Ink. It is known as a form of saline removal and has won an SPMUK Industry award for innovation.

It works by breaking up the pigment molecules and drawing the pigment out from the skin. There is no burning or heat as a result of the treatment because it has been formulated with other ingredients and has a balanced a PH that is kind to the skin. (note, this is not standard saline salt as this would not be sterile or comfortable. Anyone who has got salt on an ulcer knows it stings like mad)

In fact the formula of the removal product actually helps with keeping it gentle whilst it works and aids the healing process and for some unfortunate clients with poorly carried out permanent make up and microblading, can also help reduce the scarring on the skin after substandard treatments.

The treatment involves needling the skin (rather like the permanent make up procedure in reverse) to enable product penetration and saturation and is safe and fast. You are pre numbed and I make it as pain free as possible.



Can anyone do saline permanent make up removal ?

No. You have to be specially trained and insured to do permanent makeup removal or microblading removal.



How many treatments will I need ?

At least 3 treatments 8 weeks apart depending on your individual case and what your next steps are after removal.



How much does it cost ?

Permanent make up removal with saline is more cost effect and can be an even more effective removal method than laser, which will be explained at consultation. Laser and botched ink can be used in combination for a full removal. As a guide, expect to pay similar to a maintenance treatment and for 1 to 1.5 hours per session.



I have a permanent makeup artist that I would like to do my permanent make up or microblading will you still do permanent make up removal for me still ?

Yes. Not all artists do removals and I am happy to work with other permanent makeup artists to remove unwanted permanent make up. If you don’t have a technician in mind, I’m happy to show you my portfolio of work.




For more information on permanent make up removal or microblading removal, contact me or see my botched Ink removal page:


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