Why Use Retinol ?​

by Thea Leonard​

Senior Therapist at Studio 8 Beauty



So you’ve heard of the word Retinol


…. But do you know what it is, how, why and when to use it ?

First of all, don’t just grab the first product you see. Retinol has different strengths and it is really important to start low and build up gradually. I’ll explain more about strengths a little later.

To pick the correct Retinol for your skin, make sure you get one prescribed by a skincare professional.


So why use Retinol ?

    • It dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Reduces pigmentation.
    • Reduces blemishes.
    • Increases skin firmness, elasticity and strength.
    • Improves skin texture, smoothes acne scarring and reduces pore size.
    • Boosts hydration.
    • Brightens skin tone.
    • Corrects signs of skin ageing.


Model who has used Retinol


An impressive list of benefits, isn’t it, but what exactly is Retinol ?

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that exfoliates our skin from the inside out. Retinoid medications such as Tretinoin tend to irritate the skin because they are not a slow-release formula, unlike like following serums that I would recommend you use, which are:


Alumier MD 0.25, 0.5 and 1% strength.

Studio 8 Retinol in 1% strength.



The above items have microencapsulated pure Retinol, which slowly drip-feed the skin. This is the safest, most effective way to deliver it. The molecule is stable rather than unstable. Not all brands use this very clever technology in their skincare. When using an unstable Retinol, you can have adverse effects as the vitamin A is released too fast, meaning absorbed too quickly and uneven resulting in poor results along with skin irritation.


Retinol Molecule





So how do I use it ?

    1. It must be used at night time only and you must have a suitable sunscreen to use alongside your retinol products. No sunscreen, no retinol ! It’s that SIMPLE.
    2. After cleansing, apply 1 to 2 pumps of your serum either with or without your night time moisturiser. Ensure on the following morning, you cleanse your skin to remove the Retinol. UVA and UVB rays can make the most stable Retinol become unstable, resulting in possible skin damage. But you never skip your morning cleanse, do you ? … of course not!
    3. Go low and slow, meaning start gradually. Start by using your it every 2 to 3 nights; increase your serum use progressively over the forthcoming weeks to allow your skin to adjust. Dilute or buffer your serum by mixing with your night cream to begin with. After a few weeks, if you haven’t noticed any sensitivity, you can increase your frequency of use and eventually stop buffering your serum with your night cream.
    4. Always start with the lowest percentage and build up gradually. Retinol is a very potent and you should never jump into the deep end with this product. Another thing to bear in mind is, if you’re eager to jump to the highest strength before you need it, you will end up with negative results. You also run the risk of having nothing to progress onto in time to come. Enjoy using that lower percentage until you need the higher one. This isn’t a race.
    5. If you notice any skin sensitivity at any point in your journey, cut back on your usage, take a break and swap to a nourishing calming serum such as Alumier MD Ultimate Boost Serum. When reintroducing Retinol, take the same steps to go low and slow. Don’t return to the frequency where you left off.


When should I avoid using Retinol ?

    • 3 to 7 days before/after facial waxing.
    • If planning a pregnancy or currently pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Stop use 7 to 14 days before and after a sunny holiday.
    • Do not use if you are a sunbed user.
    • 5 to 7 days before a microdermabrasion or skin peel treatment.
    • You are experiencing any sensitivity on your skin.


Please note that these suggestions can dramatically vary from person to person, and treatment to treatment is only a guideline. Please always advise your skin care specialist or waxing specialist of your Retinol use.

Retinol can be used alongside other exfoliating products, but again don’t introduce everything all at once as this can result in over-exfoliation, which leads to over sensitised skin. Your skin care specialist can recommend your prescribed skincare routine for your skin needs suited to the time of year and any skincare goals or upcoming special events.

Autumn or wintertime is a fantastic time to start your Retinol use in the UK due to our decreased UV levels. If you start during the sunnier months of the year, you must wear an SPF.


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