Vacuum Suction Massage, where massage meets technology

By Lisa Young – Saln Director



Are you looking for something new to try and as a result enhance your massage treatment?

Are you looking for something to relieve painful or tense muscles?


Studio 8’s new body treatment with Jaime promises to deliver a super boost to your circulation and combines both traditional Swedish massage combined with technology.

Vacuum Suction Massage Machine

The perfect solution for tired and aching muscles!

When booking massage treatments with Jaime, you have the option to add in Vacuum suction massage. This helps to speed up circulation and shift hard to move fatty build ups and toxins.


The results are:

  • detoxification.
  • reduction in cellulite.
  • softening of tight and/or painful muscles.
  • promotes healthy muscle tissue by bringing oxygen and nutrients to the muscle.
  • hydrates the skin.



What is vacuum suction?


A vacuum suction massage treatment is a mechanical lymphatic drainage treatment. It is used to stimulate the lymphatic system and aids:

  • removal of waste products, draining lymph from the tissues.
  • improves the colour and appearance of the skin.


The Machine used to provide vacuum suction massage is electrical. It is however perfectly safe as no electrical current passes through the skin.

Vacuum suction treatments use glass dome shaped tools that use vacuum suction to boost blood circulation, oxygenate the muscles and skin tissue. It also helps to aid circulation.

A milder form of vacuum suction can be carried out using silicon cups that are slid across the skin.



Why use Vacuum suction?


The body’s lymphatic system does not have its own circulatory system, i.e. there is no way for the lymphatic system to pump lymph and any toxins out of the system so sometimes the lymphatic system can get a bit sluggish. This is when you get a build-up of toxins or even water retention. This is what can happen when you get cellulite. (the typical orange peel dimpled effect on parts of the body).

Lymphatic drainage using vacuum suction can help to get the build-up of toxins moving and with the correct movements assist the lymphatic system and eliminate this build-up of waste.



What is Vacuum Suction great for?


Vacuum suction massage is perfect for legs, arms & tummies but is also great for muscle repair and the relief of tense and painful muscles.



What does it feel like?


The movements in body vacuum suction are smooth and gliding and really quite relaxing.

A treatment oil is applied to the skin before the glass cup is applied to the skin. The hole on the dome is covering whilst a vacuum effect is created by the vacuum machine.

The effect of the vacuum suction stimulates blood circulation in the treatment area. This in turn brings oxygen and nutrients to the area being worked on. Specific lymphatic drainage movements are used to move excess fluids and toxins towards the lymph nodes. Toxin and excess fluids are removed via the lymphatic system.

Once the drainage movement is complete the therapist releases the hole on the glass dome and the air is released allowing the glass dome to be released gently from the skin without leaving any marks on the skin. The treatment is similar to cupping without leaving round red marks on the skin.

The effect of vacuum on the skin also serves to sedate the nervous system and promote relaxation, which is great for relieving stress and anxiety as a therapeutic effect. The effect of vacuum means that it is normal to feel warm as well as a tingling sensation.



Where else is vacuum suction massage used?


Vacuum suction is often used in sports therapy to help repair muscles.

Vacuum suction increases blood circulation and is effective to release tight muscles & fascia. By using vacuum this helps to reduce tension on the skin and tissues underneath which can soften and tone tight muscles, loosen and lift knots and connective tissue.

The technique brings hydration and blood flow to the body’s tissues. It can be used to work deeper in the muscles to release tension and drain excess fluid and toxins. The larger cups on our machine makes it easier to create a seal between the skin and cup, therefore vacuum suction is suitable to treat larger areas of muscles.


A Vacuum Suction Massage Treatment at Studio 8 Beauty.



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